Magaly Chávez reveals that Adame drops blows… even asleep

Since they announced their romantic relationship Magaly and Alfredo Adame They have become one of the most controversial couples in the middle of the show and now that both participate in the reality show I’m famous, get me out of here! They have given a lot to talk about.

On this occasion it was the former member of falling in love who showed his gallant, since he revealed that spent a very bad night by his side due to the strange habits that he has at bedtime and that is, according to Chávez, Your loved one not only deals blows when he is angry, but also when he is sleeping soundly.

Everything happened in the last broadcast of the program since due to intense rain the lovers decided to take shelter in the bathroom of the camp but the night was not romantic at all, since not only endured snoring, also kicks and slaps: “He sleeps badly and then the man doesn’t let me sleep, he almost hit me and I said: ‘pray’, it’s like what does this do”, he told his other companions.

Despite this, the beautiful influencer confessed that she does not regret having spent the night next to the love of her life, since now that she knows what the problems are that will prevent her from sleeping in each other’s arms, she can find a solution: “I do not regret having slept with Alfredo, because otherwise I would not have seen what the problems were to be able to sleep together”he added.

Magaly and Adame

It should be noted that Magaly’s only intention was to cuddle up with her boyfriend, since we remember that between them there is and will be no intimacy until they get married; as they have stated on several occasions.

Magaly and Adame

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