Magdalena Contreras Mayor’s Office is committed to the fight against cancer

Through the “Together against Cancer” line of action, the Office of Magdalena Contreras Mayor has provided 9,000 health services, provided financial assistance of 12,500 pesos for oncological treatment and carried out 420 free mammography studies this year.

Mayor Luis Gerardo Quijano assured that the goal is to benefit 635 people in 2023, improving health, promoting timely diagnosis and guaranteeing adequate medical care, including financial assistance in adverse circumstances.

Since the beginning of health programs in the district, 47 Days Against Cancer has been organized in collaboration with the health jurisdiction and IMSS to offer medical services and studies. In addition, testing for HIV, syphilis and hepatitis C has been conducted, various vaccinations have been administered, and services such as deworming and condom distribution have been provided.

Highlighting the importance of the “Together Against Cancer” initiative, the mayor pointed out that in 2022, 160 people, mainly women, benefited from financial assistance of 12,500 pesos. This year the resources will be extended to benefit 215 people in Contreras in their fight against cancer.

The Mayor’s Office is also involved in the support of foundations such as Banco de Tapitas and “Rapunzel Dream”, contributing with 300 Hearts Tapitas and supporting the production of 900 oncological wigs, respectively. The work seeks to provide comprehensive care and support to people facing cancer. Among the people of Contreras.

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