magnificent tribute to come to Hollywood, 10 years after his death

Next year will be marked by a sad anniversary. On November 30, 2023, it will indeed already be ten years since Paul Walker died following a car accident. A drama that shocked the whole world at the time and from which Vin Diesel, his partner in the saga, has still not recovered Fast and Furiousas evidenced by his many moving tributes posted on social networks.

Paul Walker’s career soon to be celebrated

However, his family has no intention of spending long months depressed as this sad date approaches. Also, while the unforgettable interpreter of Brian would also have celebrated his 50th birthday in 2023, all his relatives have decided to celebrate his life and his career in a joyful and happy way by offering him one of the most beautiful gifts for a artist.

The news was revealed this week,Paul Walker will simply have the right to its own star on the emblematic walk of fame, this famous street in Hollywood (California, USA) which honors the biggest stars in the world. A magnificent tribute which will make it possible to immortalize his talent and his work in the eyes of the public and which will see the actor anchor himself a little more in the family of Fast and Furious. And for good reason, while Vin Diesel has already had the right to it in 2013, Ludacris (Tej Parker) will also be rewarded in 2023!

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