MagSafe on Android? The wireless charging of the iPhone will reach more devices with the Qi2 standard

The Wireless Power Consortium has announced at CES 2023 the arrival of the Qi2 standard, built on MagSafe.

MagSafe on Android?  The wireless charging of the iPhone will reach more devices with the Qi2 standard
The magnetic wireless charging of the iPhone could be opened to its use by other manufacturers thanks to Qi2

CES 2023 is not only leaving us televisions, monitors, and even smart ovens. The technology fair held in Las Vegas also shows us some of the advances that we will see in our smartphones over timethanks to new innovations and technologies developed by large companies.

Taking advantage of its presence at the fair, the Wireless Power Consortium has made official the arrival of the Qi2 wireless charging standard (pronounced “chi two”), an evolution of the system that we all know today, and that will bring great advantages over the protocol currently used.

The most striking thing about this new standard is that It has been developed using Apple’s MagSafe technology as a basepresent in the latest iPhone models.

Magnetic charging for everyone with Qi2, the new wireless charging standard from the WPC

Through a press release, the WPC has indicated that Qi2 will be the global wireless charging standard from now on, and that the new technology will bring advantages for consumers.

Being based on MagSafe, Qi2 introduces the system called Magnetic Power Profilewhich ensures that the device being charged remains aligned at all times during the charging process, in order to avoid power loss and increase efficiency.

Thanks to this, they are intended offer superior upload speeds compared to Qi, while minimizing the negative impact on battery life or potential damage to the device being charged, be it a smartphone, headset or smartwatch.

The WPC claims that the first devices with the Qi2 standard implanted will reach the market towards the end of this year 2023. It is therefore expected that models such as the iPhone 15 or the Google Pixel 8 could be among the first to integrate this system.

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