Maisie Williams and her resentment towards Arya Stark

Maisie Williams He has been honest about his experience with Game of Thrones, the fantasy series that ended almost 3 years ago. In the series she had one of the roles that the public liked the most, arya starkdaughter of the defenestrated ned stark. As the actress herself has acknowledged, she suffered in silence the regret for having accepted this role.

During an interview, he has revealed how this series affected his way of seeing things, his mentality and his state. She also reveals when was the turning point for her, the one where she realized that the experience was not what she expected.

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After her choice as Arya Stark, at just 12 years old, she admits that early fame is also quite harmful, according to the actress, who is used to stepping on the Hollywood red carpet since she was young:

“I think when I started to become a woman, I resented Arya. I couldn’t express who I was becoming. She also resented my body, since she was not in line with what everyone else was celebrating.

Marvel really likes the Game of Thrones actors and actresses.

Despite this revelation, Maisie Williams is also happy about the Game of Thrones experience.

She acknowledges that despite these traumas and some experiences that marked her negatively, Game of Thrones was something that marked her very positively:

“Why would I want to feel sad about the biggest thing that’s ever happened to me?”

It’s not the first story of a young, rising star going awry and going wrong. In the case of Maisie Williams it seems that this will not be the case, and we celebrate it. Game of Thrones was one of the greatest television phenomena in history, and today most of the actors in this franchise have a high cache thanks to their roles within the seven kingdoms.

If we go to Marvel, we have actors like Richard Madden, Kit Harrington, Emilia Clarke, Maisie Williamsprotagonist of this article, and Iwan Rheon, to give examples.

Richard Madden as Ikaris in ‘Eternals’ (2021)

The history of Game of Thrones will continue to live on, since this year House of the Dragon premieres, the series that will tell us the story behind one of the most relevant families in this history, the Targaryen house. One of his protagonists is Matt Smith, who, curiously, is another of the actors who has been in Marvel, although before Game of Thrones, unlike his colleagues.

What do you think of Maisie Williams’ statements about her role in Game of Thrones? Did you see fit that such a young actress was part of a series as raw as HBO? Leave us your impressions through our twitter community.

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