Maisie Williams and the actresses who could be Ellie in ‘The Last of Us’

The fans of the video game are still not convinced with the choice of Bella Ramsey as Ellie since they consider that she does not look like the original character. However, you should know that she was not the only option to star in ‘The Last of Us’.

the first episode The Last of Us is already available on HBO Max and due to high demand the platform’s servers collapsed, a phenomenon that occurred a few months ago with House of the Dragon. In order for the series to be as faithful to the original story, director Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) worked hand in hand with Neil Druckmann, the creator of the video game. Both managed to build the apocalyptic atmosphere that many first witnessed in 2013, leaving many users satisfied.

When it comes to adaptations, the choice of casting It becomes one of the most complicated tasks, since there will always be comparisons with the original characters. While some are happy with Pedro Pascal’s performance as Joel, there are those who still doubt yes Bella Ramsey He lives up to his character. Even the actress herself doubted if she wanted the role of Ellie. “I seriously considered that maybe I don’t want to be famous, so I thought, ‘I’m not going to do this show because it’s going to push me to a place that I don’t want to go as far as being seen and known,'” she shared in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. .

When the project was in development several celebrities auditioned, in which he stood out maisie williams (Arya in game of Thrones) and Kaitlyn Dever (booksmart and rosalina). Because the production had to be delayed due to the pandemic, the actresses were discarded as they had exceeded the age they were looking for. Sophia Lillis (Item), Elsie K. Fisher (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) Cailee Spaeny (Young Witches: New Sisterhood) and even Kiernan Shipka (Sabrina’s hidden world).

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However, the creators were so amazed with the audition of the actress of hereditary that they were very clear that she was perfect for the role. “It was like Ellie was aware of the live action. It didn’t feel like watching an actor,” Druckmann shared. The actress, who also participated in game of Thrones, he signed the contract immediately and for the preparation of his character he had to learn to swear. Best of all, she created a very special bond with the Chilean, Pedro Pascal, who wrote her a tender letter at the end of filming.

Would you have liked someone else for the role of Ellie? What is a fact is that the actor in Wonder Woman 1984 he has great chemistry with his co-stars, whom he showed a fatherly side to off-screen. The cast is also made up of gabriel moon, anna torv, Ashley Johnson and Merle Dandridgewho also provided her voice in the video game. You can see them every Sunday on HBO Max, the platform in charge of titles such as The White Lotus either succession.

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