Make a flambéed banana cake like Selena Gomez

East pie of banana flambéed as he prepares it Selena Gomez it’s a delight. It is perfect served warm as a dessert, even accompanied by a dollop of lightly whipped cream, or a scoop of ice cream. But it is also delicious on its own, for a special snack with family or friends.

The inverted banana cake, with the crunchy topping of caramel and salt flakes.

Selena learned this delicious and easy recipe from DeVonn Francis, a first-generation Jamaican American chef, artist, and television host. “This is my version of a typical Jamaican dish, but with bananas. I did it with my mom. She always made an inverted one with pineapple, and during the pandemic she wanted to change the typical banana bread that everyone made, ”he explains. DeVonn.


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