“Make up to look 20 years younger”, this is how the makeup queen deceives her suitors

He trick it can literally alter facial features and rejuvenate or age a person. Now the work of makeup artist It becomes more and more difficult because, thanks to the content of the different sharing platforms, like TikTok and Instagram, I can trend to follow the change in a few hours. This summer it was the turn of the “strawberry make-up”, that is, a makeup focused on red cheeks and (false) freckles, reminiscent of a strawberry, while a few days before everyone had gone crazy with the “milk make up”. “, which later became “espresso makeup”, because of the colors used, browns and the like.

But there is one trend that will never go away: the “trick to look younger” and in that, Patricia Lichtenberger is an expert.

let’s discover yours history.

“Bronzer face contouring beauty hack is a flop. Will I be able to remove it?

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Patricia Lichtenberger She is a 48-year-old lady who has an unbridled passion for makeup. The woman shares hers. tricks on TikTok where she can boast of having a community of more than 150,000 followers who follow her mainly for her secrets beauty and makeup that makes her look 20 years younger.

Patricia was nicknamed “catfish” by her fans and friends because she fools people with her makeup: “I can’t believe you’re almost 50, the makeup is so well done.”

There makeup artistnow also a businesswoman in the beauty sector, she confessed that her passion has very deep roots: ยซI have often been the victim of harassmentThey called me “ugly” and insulted me. I’ve decided to give it a break.”

Patricia goes on numerous dates and has many suitors, but if she used to make up like face maskNow, before leaving home, she sends them her videos showing her face with and without makeup: “It’s always me, only more Prettyยป.

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