Makeup and characterization, this is how magic is done for the Three Kings gala of ‘Your face sounds familiar to me’

The magic in ‘Your face sounds to me’ is everywhere, and even more so in a gala as special as that of Reyes. All the performances have been unforgettable and the participants have managed to leave everyone amazed with their imitations. The resemblance has been amazing because of their voices… but also thanks to the characterization. It is spectacular!

For this reason, we show you how this entire transformation process was. We sneak into the makeup room, where nothing is impossible. This great team manages to remove the tattoos from Víctor Elías to imitate Alberto Comesaña from Amistades Peligrosas as well as adding him to Roi Méndez to be Dani Fernández’s double. We also check how his mane disappears! Fortunately, they later added hair to have the original singer’s cut: “I like this look for me,” he admits.

A good atmosphere reigns on the set and there is no shortage of anecdotes. You could already sense the complicity that we were going to see on stage between Jorge González and María Villalón. For his part, Gemeliers suffers and enjoys in equal measure having to shave: one shaves the other’s beard! We also see how Nicolás Coronado and Daniel Diges get into the skin of Miguel Bosé and Camilo Sesto.

The transformation of Miguel Lago into Kenny Rogers is out of the question, while Nerea Rodríguez wears a big blonde wig to look like Dolly Parton. For great hair, Ruth Lorenzo’s to be the new Lady Gaga. And her acting partner, Agoney, is delighted as Adam Lambert: “I think I like him even more than the normal me,” she says.

Some people are freaked out by her resemblance to the original singer when the transformation is finishing, like Ana Guerra with Cristina del Valle. Brilli brilli will not be long with Ana Morgade and Eva Soriano to be Ana Mena and Belinda. And, among the surprising changes, that of Pepa Rus to get into the skin of Raffaella Carrá. Don’t miss a single detail of this exclusive moment in the video!

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