Malaga cut-off grades: Mathematics with Computer Science and Telecommunications and Medicine, above 13 cut-off grade at the UMA

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There are 12 other races in which he has finished above a 12

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Three races at the University of Malaga have been above a 13 (out of a maximum score of 14 in selectivity) cut-off mark in the first of the places awarded. These are the double degrees of Mathematics with Computer Engineering (13.72) and the double degree of Mathematics with Telecommunications Technologies (13.13) and Medicine (13.49).

For the second consecutive year, the double degree in Mathematics with Computer Science has been the degree that has required the highest grade to be able to study it at the UMA, snatching the traditional first place held by Medicine. For this course, the cut-off mark in Mathematics and Computer Engineering (which marks the lowest mark among the students who get a place) was 13,554. In the case of Medicine, after the different allocations of places, the note was set at 13,275. In the case of the double degree in Mathematics and Telecommunications Technology Engineering, the cut-off mark for the current academic year was 12,525.

Check the cut-off mark for all degrees at the University of Malaga

The cut-off mark is closely related to the number of places offered. In the case of the double degrees of Mathematics with Computer Science and Telecommunications, there are 15 new places in each of the degrees. Medicine, on the other hand, has 160 places for first-year students.

The rise in selectivity ratings has had the effect of increasing the cut-off grades in this first award. This year, 96.69% of the students who took the selectivity exam have passed. They are 65 tenths more than last year. In addition, the students have arrived with a somewhat lower Baccalaureate grade, with an average of 8.2 compared to 8.34 last year. His college entrance exam score has risen from 6,982 last year to 7,061. Thus, the final mark was 7,743, compared to 7,797 last year.

What to do after the first allocation of university places at UMA

In addition to three races that have been above 13, there are another 12 in which he has been above 12. These are Biochemistry (12.96); Nursing in Malaga (12.85), the double degree in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering in Industrial Design and Product Development (12.81), Mathematics (12.71), Physiotherapy (12.60), the double degree in Political Science and Administration (UGR) and Journalism (UMA), (12.44), the double degree in Business Administration and Management and Law (12.31), Nursing in Ronda (12.28), Electronic Engineering, Robotics and Mechatronics (12.25), the double degree in Finance and Accounting and Business Administration and Management (12.21), the double bilingual degree in Economics and Business Administration and Management (12.04) and Health Engineering (12 .01).

Students who have obtained a place in the course chosen as their first option must enroll between this Thursday and next Monday the 11th. On the 14th there will be a second allocation of places, in which the cut-off marks will go down as the students enroll. in the career and university chosen in the first place. Then there will be a third award of places, on July 20, and a fourth and final award, on July 25. In September, on the 2nd, the so-called ‘results lists’ will be opened, with the places that are still vacant by then.

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