Malawi to Mike Tyson: “Become our cannabis ambassador”

Yet in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, they are of this opinion: “Who better than the former world heavyweight champion who is now an entrepreneur and has invested in a cannabis farm in the United States?”. Tyson, in fact, second Cheat Sheet, with that of his investment in California he earns 410 thousand euros a month, from which, however, 33 thousand must be taken away for personal consumption.

In the country, one of the largest producers of cannabis in southern Africa, it is grown the Malawi Gold variety and in 2020 parliament legalized the cultivation and processing of cannabis for industrial and medicinal uses, but did not decriminalize its “recreational use”.

According to the Bbc According to a source in the Ministry of Agriculture, the United States Cannabis Association has started a table to facilitate the deal with Tyson. With this move the Lilongwe government hopes to “attract some investors and even potential buyers”Ministry spokesman Gracian Lungu commented to the news agency Afp.

But the voice of the Center for Public Accountability, a local civil association, is opposed to the choice of testimonial: Tyson was rejected for his criminal past. “The CPA fails to understand because Malawi would like to have a convicted rapist as a brand ambassador, especially at this time, when efforts to curb violence against women are on the government’s agenda, “interim director of the association Kondwani Munthali said in a statement.

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