Malena Narvay and her great present: “I am quite ambitious”

Malena Narvay (Instagram)
Malena Narvay (Instagram)

Coming from a family of actors (like his dad, Eduardo), the artistic life of malena narvay It started when I was just 8 years old. From then on she would venture into theater, cinema and also on television. She went up the steps, with roles in fictions such as My usual friends Y I want to live with you, among other. Until the break, if there is a moment to mark a before and after, occurred in 100 days to fall in love.

the novel of telefe It was characterized by addressing topics that were taboo in prime time television, such as bullying and the choice of gender in adolescents. There, Malena put herself in the shoes of Emmathat young woman who maintains a relationship with Joanna (Maite Lanata), who does not feel comfortable with her body and begins to carry out a change against all prejudices, including those of her own family.

In recent years his name has gained a preponderant place, and much more for his recent work in Pipethe movie of Netflix who stars Luisana Lopilato. But in addition, music is also part of his present. After a relationship with Julian Serranowhich caused the attention of the tabloids because the youtuber came from dating Oriana SabatiniNarvay is now in a relationship with the DJ Leo Cepeha. But, perhaps due to some media frenzy generated in those days, he doesn’t like to talk about private matters. He tries to focus on his work. And that’s what he talked about teleshow.

—You come from a very good 2022 with acting.

—These last two years, after the pandemic, have been very good personally and professionally. Projects like those in Argentina and abroad appeared, and I am very grateful to have been able to participate in them because after 2020 we were left very afraid of what could happen in my field. Luckily fiction was reactivated and proposals reappeared, here and abroad: it was a very nice experience filming in Spain.

Malena Narvay, in Pipa (Netflix)
Malena Narvay, in Pipa (Netflix)

– Making your way outside, what generates you?

—I am quite ambitious at work: I always look for new challenges, new goals, learn more, improve myself. I have the privilege of being able to dedicate myself to something that directly identifies me as a person. My passion for art is 90 percent of who I am, so I always aspire to keep going. And to more.

—In music you met Boris Brejcha. How did that happen?

—It was very crazy about Boris. He is a world-renowned producer and DJ, I’ve been following him for a few years. And at the end of 2021 I released a song, and for the promo I uploaded several covers to Instagram, singing different songs. It is seen that both Boris and his team heard my voice on the networks and contacted me. For me it was an honor that Boris wanted me to sing on one of his tracks. The song is released in 2023 and that release makes me travel to Europe again, and in a little while I’ll be able to tell you why. They still won’t let me (laughs).

—How are your projects in terms of music and acting?

—On the music side, last year I was recording an album: we have 10 songs that make me very happy, and the idea is, starting in March, to release one per month. The genre of almost all of them is pop, some more house, there are also two songs that are R&B. I am happy because I feel that this new musical era says a lot about what I like artistically and what I want to show. I hope it will be a very musical year and I can end it by doing shows. Would be ideal. And on the acting side, in October of this year it premieres I’ve gone virala Spanish movie that we were filming in Madrid and that stars Blanca Suarez Y Nico Furtado. also premieres Freeksa series of Disney. And well, some proposals to film that, precisely, I still can’t comment much.

Malena Narvay (Instagram)
Malena Narvay (Instagram)

Do you have a preference for music or acting?

I love both equally. I feel like maybe just as I’ve focused a lot more on acting these past few years, maybe now I want to focus on music. But I could never leave any. I love writing and singing and communicating through music, just as I love getting deep into the skin of characters.

—As an artist and a woman, how did you receive Shakira’s song against Piqué that made so much noise?

—I think that most composers write about what we feel. We use personal life experiences to make art, and that’s what it’s all about. I wrote a lot of songs about my personal things, and I’m going to keep doing it. I find it beautiful to be able to turn into music what we feel or what we have to go through. It is what we do, our way of expressing. Shakira did it all her life. She is a great artist.

—You are in a field in which there is a lot of uncertainty, times of a lot of work, others of less. How do you handle it?

—It’s always scary, but one has to understand that sometimes you have to be patient, go through the moments when there are no projects to perhaps devise your own project or continue training. Or take action. Or maybe take a vacation. I usually get into action with something of my own because I’m restless and I don’t rest too much, but learning to ride the roller coaster is also part of this race. And the most relaxed moments are also enjoyed: friends, family, loved ones, traveling. Because you know that when a next project is activated you will be at a thousand again.

Malena Narvay, singer (Instagram)
Malena Narvay, singer (Instagram)

—Do you follow any of the reality shows on TV? What do you think of the place that they take away from fictions on the small screen?

—The truth is that I don’t watch reality shows on TV much. I find out more about them on Twitter. I don’t know if they make room for fiction because they both always lived together. There is less fiction on TV but I don’t know if it has to do with reality shows.

—For some time now you decided not to show your private part so much; your courtship, for example, was it for something specific?

“No, for nothing punctual. I think it happened that way. I focused networking on my job more than anything.

—How long have you been dating and what did you find in Leo?

We’ve been going for almost two years. He is my best friend.

—Do you feel like a representative of adolescents? You have many followers in that strip and on some occasion you told of the bullying you experienced and, in some way, you left a teaching exposing your case.

—I think that the characters I represented in fiction were very close to adolescents and young people in a positive way, and that makes me very happy. I also started in this profession as a teenager and we grew together. I always like to share my experiences in case it does someone good or helps them or something they are going through. I also do it with my songs. In that sense, I feel that it is very valuable when through art we can reach other people in this way.

—You are active on social networks. Are you also looking at what is said about you? Do you google yourself or read what they write to you in the posts?

I haven’t googled myself in a long time. I do it more than anything when something is released, a project or music, etc., to see how it is going. I do read what they write to me: as far as possible, I like to be able to interact with the people who follow me. I am very grateful to them and I like to let them know.

—One of the options that appears in Google when typing your name is Angelina Jolie. What causes you to find you similar?

“No… Everyone is told that they have some resemblance to someone.” I like Angelina. Mainly in Interrupted innocence Y The substitutetwo movies where I really liked his work.

—Who do you have as a reference in acting and music?

—In music I listen to a wide variety and I take things from very different artists, so I can name you artists that perhaps don’t have much to do with each other… Sting, Amy Winehouse, The Beatles, What in, Miley Cyrus, Dua Lipa, Natalia Lafourcade, Monolink, sia, HER, charly garcia, Cerati, Coldplay, Pink Floyd, You will not like it, Miranda! I have an endless list. And the same thing happens to me in acting, there is a lot of talent both in Argentina and in the world that makes me admire too many people.

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