Maluma and his aunt, Yudy Arias, kiss each other and cause intrigue

Those who know Maluma and his aunt, Yudy Ariasthey will know that they have a very special relationship, accompanying each other since before he was famous and of course after being famous, however there is a situation that caused intrigue to Internet users, some photographs where they appear having a kiss on the mouth.

That’s right, as you read it, celebrities have proven to be very affectionate each other, even in social media photos have been shared of them taking a kissa rather strange situation that Internet users could not let go.

The Colombian singer was with his aunt when they kissed, the comments began to arrive and many considered it something unpleasantmuch more because they are relatives, although it seems to them to matter very little.

“I want to tell everyone that I am nothing with Maluma, I love him with my soul, what happens is that he and I we love each other. So we take pictures of ourselves as very romantic, ”confessed her aunt.

We can also see a video that was published by Maluma, where we can see how the singer is kissing his aunt on the lips, who of course did not reject his nephew’s gesture.

Apparently they have a very good friendship, they also get that this kind of thing can happen without any other kind of attention, everything in an effective and familiar way.

She has also told us that she has been important in the singer’s path, always supporting him and also keeping him company in various situations in which he needed her, however, these photos and videos where we can see how they give each other affection have left the Internet impressed.

This situation, so we recommend that you continue on Show News discovering interesting curiosities and everything relevant about the show, entertainment and more.

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