Maluma introduced his girlfriend at the concert in Medellín

It was in October 2020 when the paisa was photographed walking with Susana through the streets of Beverly Hills and wearing a buso of his successful song ‘Hawaii’, a song that premiered at that time. However, since last December it was barely confirmed that Maluma’s heart was already engaged and in love, the singer posted a photo on his Instagram kissing his girlfriend in front of the Christmas tree and gifts. “Thank you Santa”wrote in the post description. Although the image was quite blurry, it was a photo uploaded with this intention to maintain the privacy of their relationship.

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And it is that everything seems to indicate that Susana immediately clicked with Maluma’s family or at least that is perceived in some photos shared by the artist in the middle of his concert tour ‘Papi Juancho World Tour 2021’. The paisa singer would have taken a moment of his time to surprise his mother, Marlli Arias, with a helicopter ride, who shared some images of what he called “a very special day” on his social networks, there of course he was also Susana, who seemed happy to share this emotional moment with her mother-in-law and her boyfriend.

During the concert, when Maluma was performing the song ADMV, he dedicated it especially to his beloved, in the part that says: “We are going for a year”, he changed it to “And we are going for three years”, thus counting the time he has been with Susana, words that shocked some fans who did not even know that he had a girlfriend and less that they had been so long. Very reserved!

What is known about Susana Gómez is that she is an architect, she is Colombian and she is divorced. Unlike the musician’s previous partners, she is far from the entertainment industry and is quite reserved, because on social networks she has all her private accounts.

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