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In 2016, Nathan Carman was rescued while drifting on a raft off the Atlantic coast of the United States. On Tuesday, he was arrested and charged with having killed his mother on the high seas in order to seize the family fortune that amounts to about $7 million.

The 28-year-old man was arrested in the state of Vermont for the murder of Linda Carman. However, prosecutors identified him as suspected of being responsible for another death, that of his grandfatherwhich occurred three years ago.

According to a statement from the Prosecutor’s Office, the two murders were part of a plan to obtain money and family property.

The indictment indicates that in 2016 he killed his mother after which he sank the boat in which they were both traveling on their alleged fishing trip in the nearby state of Rhode Island.

After eight days of drifting on a raft, the man was found and rescued by ship when it floated about 100 miles off the coast of neighboring Massachusetts.

In the statements that Carman gave after being rescued, he assured that the boat in which he had traveled with his mother had sunk and that he had done his best to find her; however, from the beginning there were suspicions about the facts.

The insurer refused to pay tens of thousands of dollars in 2019 for the sinking of the boat, considering it proven that the man had made inadequate repairs and that he knew it was not safe.

Investigated for the death of his grandfather

Although Carman had previously been investigated for his grandfather’s death in 2013, he was never charged.

John Chakalos, Carman’s grandfather, was a real estate developer who amassed a fortune of nearly $40 million largely building and renting nursing homes, prosecutors said.

In recent years, several of Carman’s relatives had publicly held him responsible for the murders in an attempt to amass a fortune of some $7 million.

In the charges filed by the authorities, in addition to the murder of his mother, he is accused of crimes of fraud to try to get hold of money from the family and the amount of insurance.

If found guilty of the murder, Carman faces life in prison, while fraud crimes have sentences of up to 30 years, explained the Prosecutor’s Office.


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