Man wants to become an alien and will amputate his leg to continue his transformation | News from Mexico

MEXICO.- Anthony Loffedo is a 33-year-old man which has long leaned towards transspecies: wants to become an alien.

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This man, known as “The Black Alien” in their social networks he is french and lives in mexico. ensures that takes 41% transformationand recently told his followers that wants to amputate a leg to replace it with a robotic prosthesis.

In a post last week he wrote:

I have about thirty silicone implants that I have to put back in my whole face and skull, a leg that I have to remove, the other hand to do, fill my two arms with implants, also my torso, my right tibia, my two shoulders, my two ribs…

Current modifications

Currently his tongue is split in two and is green. She has tattoos all over her body and several implants under her skin. He cut off his nairz, dark circles and two fingers on his left hand. In addition, she sharpened her teeth, removed part of her upper lip, and painted the white outer lining of her eye green.

In an interview with The newspaper from Barcelona said that since he was a child he was interested in bodybuilding because he was struck by the power that people had to transform their body. When he grew up he decided that his ideal was to become a black alien.

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