Manage a capybara paradise in the game Capybara Spa

Capybaras, capybaras, capybaras, capybaras, ponchos, ñeques or whatever they call them, there is no doubt that the ‘hydrochoerus hydrochaeris’ are adorable animals that we all like. Who would not like to care for and pet these noble beasts? Soon we will be able to make that dream come true thanks to the indie game Capybara Spa.

This cute title is the work of Éloïse Laroche, from the Canadian studio Cozy Bee Games. It is a relaxing capybara spa simulator in which we must grow fruit, create soaps, wash towels and pamper the capybaras that come to this “relax” center. We can also decorate it with gardens, improve the facilities and customize them to our liking. Of course, we cannot neglect customer service, so we have to be attentive to what the animals want during their visit.

You can see the game in action below, courtesy of the Wholesome Games YouTube channel:

Although the capis are the protagonists of the game, they are not the only visitors that we will attend. Our spa will also be visited by otters, turtles, frogs, ducks and other animals.

the independent game Capybara Spa will be available on Steam from Monday, March 14, 2022. Before you ask, they have yet to announce a possible Nintendo Switch version.

Source: Eloise Laroche

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