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The German coach will replace Solskjaer on the Red Devils bench at least until May, then he will have a role in society

Neither Pochettino nor Valverde nor Zidane. The bench of the Manchester United, left vacant by Solskjaer after the exemption, will be entrusted to Ralf Rangnick, an old indirect acquaintance of Milan. The English company has reached an agreement with the 63-year-old German technician who, leaving his executive role at Lokomotiv Moscow, will be the ferryman of the Red Devils until May. In the future he will join the company.

No name of importance therefore, after letting Conte marry at Tottenham, an agreement was not reached with Zidane, but a figure who could lead the Manchester United until the end of the season and then make room for a new project in the next one. The choice fell on Rangnick, the “father of modern German football” according to what is said at home.

To be official, the agreement will require the definitive go ahead from Lokomotiv Moscow, a company for which the German is working, but as reported by The Athletic it will not be a difficult obstacle to solve for the Red Devils. In any case, Rangnick will not be on the bench for the match against his compatriot Tuchel against Chelsea due to the work permits to operate in England for which there are not the necessary technical times.

The contract that he will sign will be until the end of the season, but with the entry into the company in the following two years to carry out managerial roles.

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