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SUUUUUUDelete an individual reward, or almost.

That Cristiano Ronaldo is reassured, his club will still set up a fan poll to elect him best player of the season. But according to information from Mirror, Manchester United should give up organizing its traditional end-of-season ceremony so as not to embarrass the players. This evening supposed to crown the best Red Devil of the Year is usually held at Old Trafford towards the end of the Championship.

But this time, exception. The leaders prefer to avoid this artifice at the end of one of the club’s worst seasons in the Premier League era. Since August, MU has experienced the dismissal of Ole Gunnar Solskjær, two knockdowns against rival Liverpool and even extra-sporting setbacks with the situation of Mason Greenwood, suspected of rape and assault. Sixth before the last day, the Mancunians have yet to secure their place in the Europa League against Crystal Palace this Sunday.

Indeed, it is better to leave the champagne cool.

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