Manelyk’s ex-fiancé throws him a hint on Instagram and the fans go for the jugular

It was in the middle of the year 2021 when the stars of the reality show “Acapulco Shore”, Manelyk Gonzalez and Jawy Méndez, ended their engagement after several years of relationship. However, now the former couple got involved in a battle on social networks that has not gone unnoticed for the public. What was the famous comment that sparked the anger of dozens of Internet users? Read on to find out.

This media dispute has revolved around to the return of the engagement ringa topic that has gained relevance since the recent controversy starring Belinda, Christian Nodal and the expensive engagement ring that the singer gave to the Spanish.

In this regard, Jawy Méndez broke the silence and confessed that after his breakup with the influencer, he did not think he would see the expensive jewel again. However, the influencer did not hesitate to return her to her ex-fiancé.

“Knowing her, I thought she wasn’t going to return it. I think that something out there hit him in the pride and that’s good! because there I have a good wool since it was going to be lost. A woman never knows how much a ring is worth in addition to the sentimental value, ”said the reggaeton a few weeks ago.

In response, the former participant of “La Casa de los Famosos” turned to her Twitter account to say: “Now if my engagement ring had been .000000001 of Belinda’s!!!! Not even a pendej* I’ll return it!!! But nooop… I’m just saying”.

The hint of Jawy Méndez that set social networks on fire

After the public assumed that the media dispute between the two celebrities had ceased, Jawy posted a mysterious message through his social networks that did nothing but unleash the anger of Manelyk González’s fans, since They assure that it was a hint against them.

In his message, the influencer also highlighted that the most important thing is not always the price of things, but rather their sentimental value: “Today, for some, what it ‘costs’ is worth more than what it is ‘worth’ What you feel when giving or receiving something important beyond the object“.

“In short… at least when it is given with effort and heart one is happy knowing that something sincere was done“, ended to later be the target of dozens of criticisms. Nevertheless, González has decided to keep a low profile and not comment on it..

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