Manu Ríos reaffirms himself as an international star at the Vanity Fair party after the Oscars 2023

The actor, model and influencer has already shown to win sympathy in Hollywood with his debut on the red carpet at the MET Gala last year 2022.

The Oscars gala is, without a doubt, the gala of galas every year. The Dolby Theater in Los Angeles brings together the most important names in the film industry and the occasional guest of honor who has the luxury of being able to experience the delivery of the famous statuettes live and direct. But if what happens on this stage paralyzes the world, the night does not end when its lights go out for the best is yet to come. While it is true that everyone turns their eyes first thing at night to see what the celebrities are wearing on this coveted red carpet, the real ‘fashionista’ show takes place at a later gala, the one organized by Vanity Fair magazine on the occasion of the awards.

The magazine brings together three times as many celebrities at the Annenberg Center as attend the Oscars and there is no celebrity who wants to miss it. For this reason, its red carpet has to start even before all the statuettes are finished. And no one seems to care, quite the contrary, no one is late for their appointment time. This party competes with two others: the one organized by Elton John and the one organized by Madonna. And despite being the two best hosts one could wish for, virtually no one picks them over Vanity Fair.

This year 2023 we have seen innumerable familiar faces parade through the famous blue carpet: Sarah Paulson, Tom Ford, Jessica Alba, Olivia Wilde, Sofia Vergara, Julia Garner, Miranda Kerr, Sienna Miller, Taika Waititi and Rita Ora, Naomi Watts, Jennifer Coolidge, Nancy Pelosi, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber , Billie Eilish, Joe Jonas and Shopie Turner, Emily Ratajkowski, Laura Dern, Eva Longoria, Olivia Rodrigo, Emma Chamberlain, Cardi B, Donatella Versace, Hunter Schafer, Ana de Armas, Kaia Gerber and Austin Butler, Cate Blanchett, Cara Delevingne… and we could go on like this for hours.

Each one of them struggled with their looks and their poses to get that viral video of the night, even managing to eclipse some of the speeches that had been produced during the Oscars gala. And in the midst of so much international celebrity were the two most famous men who were born in Spain. and that they have conquered the very walk of fame -but not because they have a star-: Jon Kortajarena and Manu Ríos. Both have managed to conquer the big luxury brands for their beauty and their power of influence, one as a professional model and the other as an influencer, ending up also launching into the world of interpreting great works on the small screen.

Manu Ríos, the great unknown

And although many have known Jon Kortajarena for years and are not surprised when they see him at this type of event, the same does not seem to happen with Manu Ríos. Although the young man born in Ciudad Real rose to mass fame thanks to his starring role in the series ‘Elite’ joining in the fourth season, the truth is that it had already amassed an important fan club on the small screen of mobile phones. Specifically already had 6 million followers on Instagram in 2020 when its incorporation to Las Encinas was announced.

Manu Ríos had been working in the world of entertainment since he was a child, taking part in important musicals such as ‘The Miserables‘, ‘sing to me what happened‘ either ‘Don Pepito in search of the lost circus‘. Furthermore, he was also one of the members of the famous group ‘Parchís’. But without a doubt, his great fame came when he lived in the United States and began to share content on social networks, becoming one of those ‘Tumblr Boy’, young boys with light eyes and dark hair around whom an entire aesthetic was built. in the 10s of this 21st century. He quickly began to attract the attention of many, helped also by his covers on YouTube and before appearing for the first time on Netflix, Manu Ríos had already worked with brands such as Dior and had attended numerous fashion weeks around the world. So much so, that in 2022 he consolidated himself as an international star by winning an invitation to the MET Gala thanks to Moschinothus being one of Khloé Kardashian’s companions at the great event of the fashion world.

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