Manuel Rivas and El Grande hope “that the truth in the Yuniol Ramírez case comes out and floats”

Santo Domingo, DR.

At the conclusion this Friday of the reading of the accusation against those accused of the murder of the lawyer and professor Yuniol Ramírez, several of those involved in the case stated that they hope that the truth, of the murder that occurred in 2017, “comes out” and “floats”.

The first of them was the former administrator of the Metropolitan Office of Bus Services (OMSA), Manuel Rivaswho stated that he hopes that “the truth comes out”.

“You know I am innocent,” Rivas told reporters at the scene.

While José Mercado alias El Grande, when questioned, indicated that the truth will float.

“The truth is that as the cork is going to float, everything is going to float,” he said.

In addition to the reading of the accusation of those involved in the murder of lawyer Yuniol Ramírez, the Public Ministry concluded the accusation for acts of administrative corruption in the Metropolitan Office of Bus Services (OMSA), during the Rivas administration.

The Second Collegiate Court of the National District ordered the recess of the trial until next Friday, May 20, starting at 9:00 in the morning.

For the murder of the professor, the main defendant is Argenis Contreras, indicated as the main material author of the kidnapping and murder of the lawyer. The others are El Grande, Víctor Ravelo Campos (El Herrero), Jorge Abreu, Heidy Peña and Lilian Francisca Suárez Jáquez.

Manuel Rivas and Faustino Rosario Diaz, face charges of administrative corruption in the OMSA.

Ramírez Ferreras, who presided over the National Convergence of Lawyers (CONA), was found dead with a concrete block tied to his neck by a chain, in a stream in Hato Nuevo, Santo Domingo Oeste.

The crime recorded in October 2017 is linked to acts of administrative corruption that occurred in the government transport entity.

After the incident, Argenis Contreras fled the country to the United States, where he was captured and three years later handed over to the country following the efforts of the current administration of the Attorney General’s Office.

In response to a request from the Public Ministry, On February 24, the court decided to unify the file of the murder of the lawyer Yuniol Ramirez with that of acts of administrative corruption registered in the OMSA.

The Public Ministry had begun last Wednesday, May 11, the reading of the accusation that contains the charges and the evidentiary elements of the case.

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