Many are unaware that this is the only way to keep the smartphone on for 2 days without charging the battery

Our smartphone has become an extension of ourselves. That’s why we panic when the battery is running low. Calling was the main function when the phones were called cell phones. Then the functions multiplied with the arrival of the smartphone and calling became a secondary function. The functions of the smartphone have grown enormously over time but the battery life has not grown at the same pace. Maybe someone remembers it. Until a decade ago, mobile phones lasted even several days with a single charge. Today a smartphone barely stays on for 24 hours. It needs to be recharged every evening. There is only one way to avoid charging our device every night.

Many are unaware that this is the only way to keep the smartphone on for 2 days without charging the battery

It seems incredible but today there are smartphones that cost hundreds of euros and cannot have an autonomy beyond 15/20 hours. Technology evolves but the Achilles heel of these tools always remains that of battery life. Some tricks can help extend this duration. For example, let’s imagine a person with a smartphone that has 10% of the battery and cannot charge it. What can it do? Here is a trick to use the smartphone for 2 hours with less than 10% battery.

Using your cell phone wisely can be another way to save on energy consumption. However, those who use the smartphone intensively must still find a plug to recharge the battery during the day. However, it remains a nuisance having to look for a place to recharge the smartphone like a diviner looking for water. But there is a way to avoid being in the middle of the day with the battery in reserve. Purchase a cell phone with a battery that has a life of at least 48 hours. Many are unaware that this is the only way to keep the smartphone on for 2 days without charging the battery, even with intense use.

Those who buy a smartphone are attentive to many functions, but hardly ever think about battery life. Battery power is essential for the autonomy of the smartphone, even if it is not the only factor. Those who make intensive use of the smartphone should use a device that has a battery with a power of at least 5,000 milliamper hours (mAh).

An autonomy of up to one week

Some devices on the market have even a higher power battery. These devices belong to brands that are unknown to many but which make the autonomy of the smartphone a strong point. Some devices have a battery with a power of 6,000 mAh and are able to remain on for over 160 hours. Some smartphones, however, manage to do better. A device on the market has a 10,000 mAh battery and its autonomy is close to a week.

These smartphones certainly aren’t pretty and don’t have an eye-catching line, but they will never leave us without a battery in the middle of the day. These devices may not be our first choice but they could be a valid second device. Those who do not like too many frills, do not follow trends and look to the concrete, could also adopt them as a first device.


Now we can finally say goodbye to the numerous daily recharges of smartphone batteries if you avoid making these 3 only mistakes

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