Many discard it but this fragrant spice would deflate the belly quickly and reduce high blood sugar and cholesterol.

In the modern era, many more people suffer from bloated bellies, high blood sugar, diabetes and obesity. The causes of these annoyances, which sometimes turn into real diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, are mainly caused by poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle.

On the dock we certainly find some types of foods, such as hyper-processed ones, rich in sugars and fats.

However, remember that, just as there are foods that would negatively affect, there are also foods that can have positive effects on human health.

Many discard it but this fragrant spice would deflate the belly quickly and reduce high blood sugar and cholesterol.

This is the case of cinnamon, a spice that is obtained by drying the bark of some types of plants called Cinnamomum.

This spice contains large amounts of antioxidants, substances capable of fighting oxidative stress.

The infinite properties of cinnamon

In addition, cinnamon has several beneficial properties, the most important seems to be the hypoglycemic one. In particular, it would seem that the antioxidants present in it favor the entry of glucose into the cells of the more peripheral tissues. It would also aid digestion, reducing ailments such as flatulence, and it would also slow down gastric emptying by reducing hunger pangs.

In addition, the compounds that characterize it, such as cinnamic acid and coumarin, seem to give it an antioxidant and hepatoprotective action.

In fact, sector studies show how the use of cinnamon during meals can avoid sudden postprandial glycemic peaks.

Furthermore, other studies show that the consumption of about 2 g of cinnamon per day is associated with a reduction in fat mass. In addition, it has been seen that its regular consumption can also have a cholesterol-lowering action.

How to take it

It is possible to take cinnamon in the form of a powder to add to doughs, breakfasts and foods in general. Or you can decide to consume it in the form of an infusion, which we could also consume cold.

Well, many discard it but this fragrant spice would really be a panacea for health.

However, we remind you that such advice is not intended to replace medical advice, which is always essential before making any choice related to one’s health.

Other beneficial spices

But cinnamon is not the only spice that can positively affect human health. In this regard we also have turmeric. It is a spice of Indian origin that would contain curcumin inside. It is a substance that would positively affect the brain.

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Many use it in the kitchen to flavor dishes instead of salt without knowing that it could be harmful to those with these diseases and pregnant

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