Many would never imagine that this dog is at the top of the 5 smartest breeds according to experts

Dogs are a bit like children. All owners would like their dog to be the best and most intelligent. After all, dog shows are precisely designed to measure these and other qualities of the animal. But if a parent cannot choose a child, a master can choose the smartest dog for himself. Many would never imagine that this dog is at the top of the 5 smartest breeds according to experts.

What owner has never thought how intelligent his dog was, so intelligent that he could only fail to speak. At times, the owner is surprised because speaking it seems that the dog really understands him and this is undoubtedly an indication of the animal’s intelligence. In reality, dogs do not understand words, but they recognize the sounds and gestures of the owner. If an owner accustoms a dog to react in a certain way when he utters a word or makes a gesture, the dog will always behave in the same way.

From this point of view the choice of the name for a dog is of crucial importance. If an owner wants their dog to react when they call their pet, here’s how to choose the perfect name for a dog.

Many would never imagine that this dog is at the top of the 5 smartest breeds according to experts

But how does a dog’s intelligence manifest itself and how is it measured? Stanley Coren, neuropsychologist and professor of canine psychology in his book The Intelligence of Dogs, defined 3 types of intelligence.

According to the scholar, the intellectual abilities of the dog must be evaluated according to 3 criteria. According to Coren, in fact, dogs have an instinctive intelligence, an adaptive intelligence and an intelligence linked to obedience.

The dog that has a high instinctive intelligence is the one that has a high ability to perform the tasks for which it was trained. Adaptive intelligence indicates a dog capable of carrying out tasks independently. The third skill measures the dog’s ability to learn from humans.

Based on these three criteria, the neuropsychologist carried out skill tests on many dog ​​breeds. These tests have been repeated over time. Thus Stanley Coren was able to make a ranking of the 5 most intelligent dog breeds thanks to the results of these tests.

According to this ranking, the Border Collie is the smartest dog in the world. This breed is capable of recognizing a large number of words and commands. Furthermore, this dog is very good at carrying out the tasks that the owner assigns him.

The poodle ranks second in this ideal ranking and the German shepherd ranks third. This dog has the particularity of being able to carry out the commands of the man after very few repetitions. The Golden Retriever is in fourth place in this ranking and the Dobermann, a faithful friend and excellent watchdog, is in fifth place.


If your dog is a few years old and exhibiting these symptoms, he may have some serious problems

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