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Android Autothe system with which the screen of your cell phone is duplicated in the infotainment of the car, received an update and now there is a new interface that is available from today.

According to Google, the new design prioritizes three important goals for drivers: navigate where you’re going, communicate with friends and family, and play your music or podcasts.

Among the improvements included are navigation with google maps Full screen and media controls that visually match Android 13 with a list of suggestions “For you”available by swiping left.

Overall, the new experience is intended to be easier to navigate with one handFurthermore, Google says that its focus is to create a “more personal and user-friendly experience behind the wheel”.

With this update if, for example, Google Maps is being displayed on the screen and you want to go to the music player, the first app will not disappear and instead both will be displayed. Or if you prefer, continue to keep one in full size.

Android Auto Update

A key part of the multitask in this redesign are the “context cards”. That includes one for missed messages and calls with smart replies, a card that can be used to quickly share arrival times with contacts, and a list of recent places to start browsing quickly.

On the other hand, a feature that is not yet available but, according to Google, will arrive soon for phones pixels and samsung latest is the ability to make calls using whatsapp from Android Auto. However, the company did not give details about the exact arrival, but those attending CES 2023 will be able to see it in operation in a BMW i7.

Digital car key that can be shared

Although it is available only in some cars of certain markets and for the pixel 6 and later, and Samsung Galaxy S21 From now on, with the Google Digital Key you can lock, open and start the car from your android phone.

And with the Android Auto update, you can now share the key digital vehicle between a phone Pixels and iPhones for easy access to trusted family and friends.

Android Digital Key

Key sharing is coming to Samsung phones soon, and Xiaomi users will be able to use and share digital keys at the end of this year. And already compatible with bmwthe digital key will also continue to expand in more automotive brands, according to the technology.

HD Google Maps for Volvo and Polestar

It was also during CES 2023 that Google announced that Volvo and its sister company Polestar will be your partners in the launch of the new service HD Maps of the technological

That integrated solution designed specifically for automotive applications extract data in real time to improve vehicle navigation.

Volvo Ex90

The new high-definition technology will be launched in the Volvo’s new SUVthe EX90, and on the Polestar 3.

HD maps provide precise details such as lane markers, signs and road barriers to support automakers’ autonomous and assisted driving technology for a safer driving and with more free hands on select highways.

Furthermore, the implementation of Google HD Maps to vehicles could contribute to the introduction of a safe autonomous driving to deploy faster in the automotive market.

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