Marathón surprises and prepares tremendous beating for Real Sociedad; now they dream of qualifying for the league


The closure of closing tournament be more dramatic in the fight for a place in the big league party, then the marathon came back to life after tremendous beating Real society.

The set of Manuel Keosseian gave the surprise at the Olympic stadium, where he scored 6-0 against the Tocoa team, who are involved in the fight for non-relegation.

The opening of the road to victory was given from the first minutes, where Lucas Campana took advantage of a center to the area and with a header he beat Nelson Barrientos.

The strongest blow for Tocoa came at the end of the first half, after goalkeeper Barrientos committed a foul and had to be expelled from the match. In his place, the youthful José Paz entered.

The night turned dark in the second half for those from Tocoa, after Lucas Campana scored the 2-0 of the match and his personal second in the first minute.

The greens did not finish celebrating and smiled again, after Allan Vargas increased the score and put the party in the Olympic stadium.

The madness was not for less, since two minutes later Edwin Solano scored the 4-0, after a play in speed, he took off the goalkeeper and calmly defined.


After the advantage on the scoreboard, Keosseián gave Odín Ramos the opportunity to play, who did not expect to experience such a special night. His joy was great when he made his debut as a scorer.

His first goal came in the 74th minute, after several rebounds of the ball in the area and he took the opportunity to finish off and make the match 5-0.

The youth’s madness was greater three minutes later, after scoring a jewel of a goal from long distance and establishing the final 6-0 in the match.

11 DE Marathon: Luis Ortiz, Allan Vargas, J. Aguilera, Bryan Molina; Isaac Castillo, Reinieri Mayorquín, Luis Garrido, Juan Vieyra, Edwin Solano; Mario Martinez and Lucas Campana.

Goals: Lucas Campana (2), Allan Vargas, Edwin Solano, Odín Ramos (2).

Substitutions: Odín Ramos for Mario Martínez, Mikel Santos for Reinieri Mayorquín, Axel Motiño for Luis Garrido, Jeffry Mirando for Juan Vieyra; Frelys López by Edwin Solani.

11 of the Royal Society

Nelson Barrientos, Klifox Bernárdez, Enuar Salgado, Kelvin Matute, Myanor Antúnez, Eder Delgado, Delson Figueroa, Déster Mónico, Deyron Martínez, Akeem Roach and Rony Martínez.

Substitutions: Yeer Gutiérrez for Maynor Antúnez, José Paz for Edder Delgado, Ricky Zapata for Edder Delgado, Ronal Montoya for Enuar Salgado; Cristopher Urmeneta by Akeem Roach.

Yellow: Ronald Montoya

Red: Nelson Barrientos.

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