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In the early 2000s, the former Miss Universe Diana Torres and the salsa singer Mark Anthony surprised their fans announce your marriageafter several months of courtship, in a ceremony held in the cathedral of San Juan de Puerto Rico.

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Both enjoyed three years of prosperity and happiness, showing themselves to be a united and solid couple, where they came to renew their wedding vows in a religious ceremony and becoming parents of Cristian and Ryan Muniz Torres.

In those years, Mark Anthony became the most influential singer of contemporary salsafilling stadiums and obtaining sales records with their albums.

For its part, Dayanarawho had already won the Miss Universe crown, was one of the benchmarks of Latin American beauty, in addition to participating in television projects and starring in the official video of the song “i got you”, which adds more than 12 million views on YouTube.

However, when it was better for both of them, the couple shared their decision to separate in June 2004 and start a strong legal battle for the possession and maintenance of their little ones, leaving behind the romantic moments they lived.

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Dayanara Torres meets Marc Anthony, they married in 2000 and four years later the love took place in the midst of legal problems (Photo: AFP)
Dayanara Torres meets Marc Anthony, they married in 2000 and four years later the love took place in the midst of legal problems (Photo: AFP)


After the separation announcement, the couple would spend several months in court, which went to Dayanara Torres, as indicated in an interview, “the worst moments of his life”.

Although the reason for the separation was never revealed by the model or the singer, many rumors emerged, most pointing to a deterioration of the relationship.

Even worse, at the time, Marc Anthony was publicly accused of having a child out of wedlockwhich he repeatedly denied, and months later it was shown that it was not his, although the damage had been done and the trust broken.

Within months of separation, The salsa singer married Jennifer Lópezthus ruling out going back with the former Miss Universe.

Currently, both maintain a cordial and respectful relationship, sharing moments with their children, some of which have been published on social networks, such as the graduation of their son Cristian.

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