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Although they have only been in a relationship for three months, they already know that they want to spend the rest of their lives together. Mark Anthonya true romantic, is experiencing one of the best stages of his sentimental life and he has wanted to capture it in his relationship with Nadia Ferrerato whom he gave an engagement ring, as a clear sign that they will marry.

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The model of Paraguayan nationality, also very much in love, is aware that she has found tremendous happiness in recent months, so she is totally excited and even more so now that she accepted the salsero’s proposal in order to unite her life in holy matrimony.

As is evident, both celebrated their union with very close people and the images were shared on the social networks of both celebrities and also of the guests, who have become viral, since such videos and photos have become highly requested by fans of the couple who must now prepare a wedding.

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That is why on this occasion, we are going to make a small recapitulation of what they have experienced Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira as part of her celebrations, as it should also be noted that the Paraguayan celebrated her 23rd birthday a few days ago.

Marc Anthony and his Paraguayan girlfriend got engaged just a few days ago (Photo: Nadia Ferreira / Instagram)
Marc Anthony and his Paraguayan girlfriend got engaged just a few days ago (Photo: Nadia Ferreira / Instagram)


You could say that this couple’s celebrations began on May 10 with Nadia’s 23rd birthday. For that day, Marc Anthony prepared a romantic surprise for him, which also went viral on social networks. The next day, both of them, and some loved ones of hers, went to Disney in Florida.

In the stories of the young woman, it was learned that she had just engaged because she published the photograph of her engagement ring with the artist’s hand. It was so that all the media and followers of social platforms knew the news.

On Friday they celebrated their engagement and future marriage. In the morning, the two shared a few hours on a yacht, tasting the best drinks and the richest possible meals of the moment.

At night, and with a group of friends, Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira They went to a nightclub and dance and drink to end a celebration that is not over yet, as one of the most mediatic weddings of recent years is coming, probably.

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Through their social mediathe Paraguayan model announced that she had engaged to the Puerto Rican singer and shared a photograph showing the ring with which they made their future union official.

Next to the luxurious hoop, Ferreira shared the message “Engagement party!”, demonstrating the happiness of the couple before the event.

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Nadia Ferrera, of Paraguayan nationality, was born on May 10, 1999 and has just turned 23. She was Miss Universe 2021 and managed to be among the three finalists. During her presentation at the beauty pageant, she shared hard moments of her childhood, as she suffered from congenital torticollis, for which she was operated on when she was only eight months old and years later she partially lost her hearing, her sight and her ability to move.

However, nothing managed to bring her down, as this prompted her to move forward and today her health is stable. Her example of struggle, in addition to her beauty and charisma, led her to be the image of major brands and to be the cover of renowned magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and L’Officiel. Additionally, she has modeled on major catwalks such as New York Fashion Week, Milan, and Paris.

Currently moved to the Mexico City in order to expand her career in the world of modeling, but she also finds time for other activities, since she leads the organization NF, which provides support to women who suffer domestic violence, encouraging them to continue with their lives and learn to develop by themselves.

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