Marc Anthony’s girlfriend raises suspicions of an upcoming wedding

Since Marc Anthony started dating Nadia FerreirHe has been seen to be the happiest. The singer has not paid attention to the criticism due to the difference between them, more than 30 years, and he has concentrated on continuing to enjoy their time together to the fullest.

Last May 10 was the young model’s 23rd birthday and the salsero decided to celebrate at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

It was the Paraguayan who shared the images of how well she had a good time on this special date, however, A few minutes ago he showed an image that caused a stir on social networks.

Marc Anthony's girlfriend raises suspicions of an upcoming wedding

Through her Instagram stories, the model uploaded an image where you can see a large ring to which Internet users attributed that the couple would have been engaged during this trip.

In the photograph you can see the young woman’s hand carrying the huge jewel in her left hand on her ring finger and you can also see the singer’s hand. This image was accompanied by the phrase: “Engagement party”.

Marc Anthony's girlfriend raises suspicions of an upcoming wedding

However, so far it has been confirmed if the salsero will really reach the altar for the fourth time, as we remember that he has been married to Dayanna Torres, Jlo and Shannon de Lima.

It should be noted that two of Nadia’s friends and her mother also attended this trip. Marc’s mother-in-law was most happy enjoying her son-in-law and her son-in-law. It is expected that in the next the lovebirds will give more details of how they got engaged and plan to unite their lives soon.

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