Marcela Tinayre explained the origin of her viral audio: “I’m going with the worst of the waves”

Marcela Tinayre, beyond being the daughter of Mirtha Legrand and the mother of Juanita and Nacho Viale, is a renowned radio and television host. But apart from her professional career and her popular recognition for belonging to the family of the diva of lunches, she is directly related to a viral audio that transcended several generations. In THE Mwas encouraged to tell the story behind the controversial audio that went viral a few years ago, where he assured that he would go to an event with the worst of waves.

In the unforgettable audio of was heard Marcela Tinayre tell: Look Silvia I’m going to go, but I’m going to go with the worst of the waves, bank me with the worst of the waves. I’m going to take my car on Saturday morning, I’m going to go quietly, tell me where I’m going, is it Saturday or is it Sunday? I don’t know what day I have to go, I’m going to go just like that. Don’t ask me to have my hair done, makeup, or anything. If there is someone who does … phenomenon. They always screw me over, they don’t invite me all year and they want me to go to Rosario. I don’t need your promotion. To Rosario, Do you understand girl? Well, I’m going to go with the worst wave. Tell me where the hell I have to go because I have no fucking idea. They’re screwing up my life like you always do to me, I’m having a bad time. Tell me where I have to go“.

Marcela Tinayre She was a guest at LAM and as expected, Ángel de Brito asked her how the story behind the viral audio was. Mirtha Legrand’s daughter replied: “Look, I’m going to tell you, it’s very easy, I never thought that such an act would have such an impact. A producer named Silvia Pesquera calls me at that moment. Last minute, Friday night, in a hurry. It bothers me that they call me in a hurry, he annoyed me because of the way she told me. She didn’t even ask me ‘can you save us, Marce?’ It was all ‘oh, yes, we want to invite you to Mirtha’s night to see if you can come’“.

Why did you agree to go despite the inconvenience

Marcela Tinayre She was very honest in admitting that it bothered her to be invited at the last minute, but she was honest about the reasons that led her to make the decision to go anyway: “The role of daughter weighed on me, so I told them ‘I’m going to do it with the worst of waves. I’m not going to dress, nor am I going to put on makeup’. I was angry with myself for having accepted “. In closing he revealed: “I never spoke to that producer again, but mom never asked me anything about this. I am to give those answers. I don’t have that inhibitory brake.”.

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