Marcelo Michel Leaño accepts criticism for Chivas’ misstep in Clausura 2022

The Guadalajara coach is aware that he has not delivered the expected results and that the fans are getting desperate after three defeats in a row


Marcelo Michel Leaño accepts the criticism and the desire for his removal from the Chivas fans; however, he is convinced that when they manage to keep the 90 minutes, his soccer idea ise will win the respect of all people.

“The fans have every right to demand because we must give them results. ANDn a big team like Guadalajara should always be competing and we’re not doing it. They are within their right to demand us and raise their voices. The only thing I can tell you has been prey to many things.

“Only work will lead us to maintain this Guadalajara that by lapses demonstrates what we are aiming for and that when we find that maturity and can show a complete game, I am sure that we are going to earn that respect for the idea of ​​what we are pretending”, he declared in a conference.

The Guadalajara strategist is sure that it is necessary for everyone to put more effort, including the coaching staff, to be able to rediscover the victory, since despite the fact that They are strong offensively. they are allowing many goals against.

“After a match like today, we are all responsible. We must improve, players and coaching staff, there are things that we all have to do more, it is not enough for us even though we are making a lot of goals. We are receiving many goals and it is inadmissible. We all have to improve,” he concluded.

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