Marcelo Pecci: Assassins of the prosecutor would have been hired from a prison – Investigative Unit

Videos from security cameras, which the Police recovered in Cartagena, they show four people who always appeared near the prosecutor Marcelo Pecciwho did not notify any authority of his trip to Colombia as a tourist.

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An investigator of the case told EL TIEMPO that they are sure that the plan to assassinate him was hatched from Paraguaybut that the weapon and the assassins were obtained in Colombia.

“The logistics of a crime like this, which only has a history in Mexico, it is impossible to deploy it in just five dayssaid the investigator.

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Indeed, Cartagena police sources pointed out that although this year there have been 107 hitmen in that city, it is the first time that the hitmen have changed their motorcycles for a jet ski. The video that circulates on networks, where they kill a man under the same modality, is part of a film shot in Acapulco: ‘Sundown’.

Spoken Portrait of Pecci Killer

This is the spoken portrait of the alleged murderer of prosecutor Pecci.

‘The Mexican’

Killer photo of Marcelo Pecci

Presumed murderer of Marcelo Pecci


National Police and Prosecutor’s Office

EL TIEMPO also established exclusively that there is an accurate clue about the man who hired the assassins.

“He is in prison, he is Colombian and they tell him the Mexican’. He is protected by a group of uniformed men. But he knows who paid for the crime of the Paraguayan anti-mafia prosecutor”, an informed source told this newspaper.

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It is even believed that the man who shot did not even know he was murdering one of the most prominent anti-mafia prosecutorspartner of the DEA in several investigations.

Therefore, it is believed that the reward for information on the gunmen can have results.

Pecci’s wife, the journalist claudia aguilerahas also been vital in the investigation.

what the wife said

Prosecutor Pecci

This photo was published by the couple 4 days before the murder.


Instagram: @aguileraclaudi

Before traveling back to Asunción on Friday, on his country’s presidential plane, She gave a statement for hours and identified the man who murdered her husband in videos.

In addition, he delivered video material and photos of the trip where, apparently, the faces of four people who almost always coincided with them were registered in the places they visited.

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“He had already entered the sea, when he came out and was shaking off the sand, the man appeared who shot him in the neck and side (…) the people who were on the beach tried to follow the killers, but they fired,” Aguilera told authorities.

As revealed by EL TIEMPO, the passengers of the Copa airline flight that brought Pecci were also located. There were four women whose version of their visit to Colombia did not convince.

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