Marcial paid 9 thousand dollars and died in the San Antonio trailer

Martial Trejo Hernandez He was about to turn 39 years old when he decided to emigrate to the United States to look for a job opportunity, but he never imagined that he would be one of the more than 50 victims of the trailer found in San Antonio, TexasIn the past week.

With the hope of raising money for her daughter’s 15th birthday Yamilet, Martial was headed to Georgia and for this he dialed two of his “contacts”, but he was only able to establish communication with one.

They would charge him 9 thousand dollarsso he told one of his brothers to sell one of the trucks he had in USAwhere he traveled several times a year or stayed for long periods since he was in high school.

To do this, from his native Huajalesa town in the municipality of Pinal de Amoles in Querétaro, went to Monterrey, later crossed the Rio Grande and arrived in the Texas city of Laredo, where he boarded the trailer along with other people heading to the northern zone of EU.

His wife Maria Guadalupe Ramirez Garay said Martial embarked on his adventure last June 19 towards Montereyto from there travel to Nuevo Laredocross the Rio Grande and arrive in Laredo.

“He just told me ‘I already have my contact to leave’; he had two. There was one with whom he was only going to jump a wall, they just put a scaffolding on them, they jump and they pass, a car picks them up from that side and they leave. So he was with me and they told him ‘wait a few weeks, people are somewhere else; I don’t know how long the wall is, they’re on the other side, wait a few more weeks and I’ll let you know’, but my daughter’s birthday is in November and Marcial said ‘no, it’s just that I have to go, I’m going to go with the other contact’, who told him that it was (to cross) the river. To Monterrey and from there to Nuevo Laredo.”

The 39-year-old Mexican in the company of his family.  Special
The 39-year-old Mexican in the company of his family. Special

Maria Guadalupe He added that he only told his family that he would board the abandoned trailer with more than 60 people and that they only had “one checkpoint” left to reach their destination.

“He did not tell me that it was in a trailer, but he did tell his family that from there to there they put them on the trailers to pass them. He only assured me that he only needed one pass. After crossing the river, he needed a pass, a checkpoint to go there, which was the last thing.”

It wasn’t the first time Martial faced complications to travel to EUHe had already failed on occasion.

He had less than three months of having returned to Mexico when he decided again to undertake the trip to EU and for that he invested 9 thousand dollars to pay his smuggler.

“He told me that 9 thousand dollars. Before he came from there, I understand that he had a car and asked his brother to sell it and prepare the money for when he left. The last thing he told me was that he was already on that side and I asked him to take care of himself. The candle is lit on him, I told him ‘we are asking God for you so that you are well’ and he replied ‘thank you, I’ll send you a message tomorrow, I’m going to take a shower’. I told him ‘it’s fine, take care of yourself’ and I stayed with that idea, I’ll send you a message tomorrow, but he didn’t do it again, I never heard from him again”.

His wife affirms that she prefers not to harbor any hope that he may be alive because they have already asked for all the photos to be able to identify him, his tattoos and other particular signs. Even his brother who lives in USA went to do it.

“When it came out on the news, it was the first thing I thought, because he was getting there, to that place, exactly where he started from, the route that the trailer took, he was in that place. My girl knows everything, I do not want to deceive her and make her feel more pain by hiding something from her.

Now it is not known when he will return Martial to Pinal de Amoles, from where he left in search of the so-called American dream, despite the fact that his wife asked him not to.

“He told me not to get discouraged, ‘do what you have to do, rest, go to sleep, everything will be fine.’ When he was already on that side he told me ‘First of all, God, in a few days I’ll be where I’m going.’

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