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Over the years, songwriter and singer Marco Antonio Solis He has remained in force thanks to his music and business, which have been the most important successes of his life, in addition to having formed a family, but not everything has always been rosy because there were also mistakes that he regrets.

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Although he is one of the most successful people in the Mexican show business, perhaps all that affection and recognition could have been even more, if he had not missed certain opportunities in his career, such as when he rejected a job with Lucero, a of the artists most loved by fans for several years.

Marco Antonio Solís during his presentation at the Viña del Mar Festival in 2016. (EFE)
Marco Antonio Solís during his presentation at the Viña del Mar Festival in 2016. (EFE)


During the launch of his tequila called “Blue treasure” He talked about a number of topics, so he opened up completely in front of various media outlets and commented on the ups and downs that, like any person, he has had in his life.

It was there that he surprised many by saying that, years ago, he had the opportunity to work on a soap opera with Lucero, but instead of being very happy, he ended up rejecting it.

But that was not all he said about it because he recognized that perhaps he would not have stopped going that option that was presented to him at that time.

“I let go of a soap opera many years ago with Lucero, I have let go of production contracts with other artists. Maybe I should have done it, but hey, those are the tests”he indicated.


Songs like “If you had not gone”, “My eternal secret love”, “where is my spring” or “The blessing came”, are some of the hits of the singer and music producer Marco Antonio Solisan artist who was born in the town of Ario de Rosales, in Michoacán (Mexico) on December 29, 1959.

During his beginnings in the world of music, together with his brother, he founded the group “The Bukis”where he served as vocalist, producer and author of most of the songs they performed.

After the bukisin 1996, Solís decided to start his career as a soloist and released his first album “In full flight” with which he managed to occupy the first places in the Latin American songs of the Billboard in the United States.


Very few know what really caused the separation of the group, although according to Infobae there were many versions that agreed that after releasing the album “Inalcanzable” (1993) rumors of a separation began to be heard.

He also points out that the group’s trajectory would never be the same because the members of the band had tried to create their own group without FrameAnthonySolis, feeling offended and reduced. The last presentation of the group was in Guadalajara and took place on May 18, 1996. After that they decided to separate.

Some media outlets in Mexico indicated that the label wanted to continue working with Marco Antonio Solis and that the artist began his career as a soloist, that is why they dissolved. MORE DETAILS HERE.


The word “Bukis” has its origin in the Yaqui language, belongs to the Cahíta linguistic system, of the Uto-Aztecan family, which is used in some states of northern Mexico. So that, in Sonora, Baja California and Sinaloa they are called by that name to young people or children.

Because the group had as members minors whose ages ranged between 14 and 17 years, they received the name Los Bukis, for which they are internationally known. Even when Marco Antonio Solís started his solo career he was called ‘El Buki’. MORE DETAILS HERE.

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