Marco Barrera comes out in defense of Canelo after losing to Bivol

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The defeat suffered by Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez last weekend against the Russian Dmitry Bivol continues to cause various comments, and now it was the former boxer’s turn Mark Anthony Barrerawho lamented the criticism that has fallen on the man from Guadalajara for his fall.

Framework had the opportunity to witness the fight of the Cinnamon from the front row, because was as a commentator on TUDNso he could feel what happened both above and below the ring.

“After the plan that Canelo had, personally I did not see where to fight the rival. Neither plan B, A or C. Morally, he no longer knew what to do. Morally Canelo was defeatedfrom knowing that I couldn’t get in, that I couldn’t move my waist, hit him, and that tires more at the end of the day”, began to crumble the former world champion in the program “Un Round Más”.

In addition, Barrier Frame questioned that there is criticized in an ugly way Cinnamon for losing to bivol: “What is half a bastard is the wave of criticism that Canelo has been buzzed by this defeat. They are putting it down ugly,” she stated.

You have to support

Barrier considered that the Mexican should support in the defeats and not only in the victoriesespecially considering that the Cinnamon At 31 years of age, he still has a lot to give in the world of boxing.

You have to support the countryman, anyone has a bad night. The battle is lost, but not the war, Saúl has the age and the characteristics to be able to get up to the level he wasbut don’t fuck around, don’t throw so much at him,” said the former boxer, who said that a boxer’s defeat should hurt the same way it happens when he loses the Mexican team.

“Just as the defeats in soccer with the Mexican national team hurt it should also happen with individual sports, like boxing“, he finished.

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