Marco Fabián will not return to Chivas? Reveals the talks that Mediatiempo has had

Marco Fabian He is clear that Chivas is his first love on the pitch and he will never forget that. And although the footballer today defends the shirt of the Mazatlan FCrecognizes that still keep the wish of one day putting on the red and white shirt again.

And it is that talks come and go, as well as the rumors that place him back in the Flock, but the only certain thing is that everything has stayed very close; however, as a good professional, Marco Fabian today he focuses on his present which is called Mazatlán FC and leaves to fate the possibility of one day returning to the Chivas.

There’s been some close talks. There have been some times that suddenly, there are little things that have an influence so that it does not happen. Above all, there are people in the institution who sometimes have another idea. The good thing is that there has always been clarity. There have been some (talks) closer than others. I don’t know if one day it will happenMaybe it won’t happen, but that’s the real situation,” he explained. Marco Fabianin chat with halftime.

There are at least three interesting talks where the footballer has come close to returning to Chivasthe last one a few weeks ago with Fernando Hierrorojiblanco sports director, with whom met while on vacation in Madrid Thanks to a mutual friend.

“I don’t know, it’s hard to know if it can happen or not. As I told you, these are situations that I cannot tell you, because they are not within my reach. If you ask me what I would like: at some point I would like to, I am not telling you that now. The truth is that I do not know what is going to happen. My present, I am very proud to wear these colors of Mazatlan Y I don’t want to leave without leaving a legacy”added the 33-year-old.

Fabian de la Mora He did all his training in the Basic Forces of Chivas, where he debuted in January 2012; He records two stages with the Guadalajara club, where he has not played since 2015, when he was sold to eintracht frankfurt of Germany.

“It is not the first time it happens. I’ve always talked about it when i got back from europewhen I returned from Qatar, I always there have been those approaches. It’s always like it happens or it doesn’t happen, and in the end it’s like the prodigal son: we all know that one day he will return to what is his home. For my part too, I have always expressed it, and I have never disrespected the club that I am with, ”he explained.

after leaving Chivas, Marco Fabian he ventured and tried his luck in German football, from the MLS Y Qatarand then return to Liga MX to play with FC Juarez Y Mazatlan FC.

“I have said that so many years in an institution where I grew up, to which I owe a lot and which gave me so many beautiful moments, I have always left it there, and it would be a joy at some point to wear the Chivas shirt again. . In the end one is living the present and clarifying things. I have a contract with MazatlanI am very happy and grateful. Then our objective is to qualify and be in the Liguilla ”, he commented.

The time he was close to returning to Chivas

It was a year and a half ago that he was closest to returning Marco Fabian to Chivasbut to his misfortune the talks were not completed, so he had to take another course.

I’m flattered that there are approaches, but afterward they are things that are not within my reach. These approaches are spoken by second or third parties, my representative and managers, in the end that is not in my hands. Yes there were some talks, that came to light. It is something that is there, but it has remained there. They are not within my reach, I am 100 percent focused on what the field and Mazatlán are, ”she finished.

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