Mareli Andiola Varela arrived at the age of illusions – El Sol de Durango

Looking splendid and with the dress that you like for your fifteen years, is the cherished dream of every young lady, that privilege was enjoyed by the beautiful Mareli Andiola Varela, who wore a charming pink dress with flashes of glitter, which made her look look pretty when entering the beautiful Cathedral Basilica Menor de Durango, to give thanks to the Creator.

On one side of the altar, her beloved parents, René Andiola Peña and Alejandra Varela Meza, were already waiting for her, who happily promised to take care of their heiress until the last day they were allowed, and promised to make her happy every day of her existence. .

On the other side of the altar, the gentlemen Diego Martínez Andiola and Alma Aguirre Meza, who appeared as godparents of the sweet Mareli, were happy, and happy they were on the lookout for the emotional Ecclesiastical ceremony dedicated by the celebrant priest.

At the end of the mass, the quinceañera and her courteous guests met in a room in the Ciudad Industrial, of this city, where the quinceañera arrived next to her chamberlain of honor, the young Carlos Daniel Solís Andiola, with whom she danced Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” waltz, also accompanied by her chamberlains, the youngsters: Abraham, Alejandro, Carlos, Manuel, Daniel, Óscar and Axel.

And the quinceañera’s grandmothers, Mrs. Luz Meza Núñez and Guadalupe Peña Avitia, were very proud to see their granddaughter fulfill this great dream, which she had waited for so long, and today everything beautiful that sounded came true, so he enjoyed it to the fullest with his loved ones.

Likewise, the sweet fifteen-year-old received congratulations from her brother Alejandro Andiola Varela, who also promised to be present in all the beautiful moments of his beloved sister and those that life brings to them both.

Congratulations to the beautiful quinceañera, and may she have many more years of happy life, together with the beings who love her the most, such as her beautiful family and friends. Congratulations beautiful!

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