Margiotta Nervi: “Shocked by Commisso’s words, let’s evaluate the lawsuit”

The newspaper then reports the statements of Margiotta Nervi at the head of the Nervi Foundation: “Horrifying. We are stunned, bewildered and outraged by Commisso’s words. Certainly this release speaks volumes about the character of Commisso, who confirms what he is with this externalization. We find it very serious that he said those things to a prestigious international newspaper such as the Financial Times. And we also find it serious that there was no apology of any kind, either from Commisso or from Fiorentina. Let’s see if there are grounds for a lawsuit for the scope of the offending sentence and also for everything it said. I am amazed that the city does not take a stand, what Commisso says is an offense to Florence that has welcomed him, to its history, to the team and to a recognized monument of modern architecture such as the Franchi stadium, which even at the end of that very particular path that was made last year has been recognized. They say he was referring to the condition of the plant? In the FT interview he does not say this. We will now consider a warning“.

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