Margot Robbie confesses that it was the police who officially ended ‘Amsterdam’

With its premiere getting closer, the first anecdotes from the shooting of David O. Russell’s new film, amsterdam. A circumstance that happens in all great productions, especially if, like this one, the cast is full of stars. For example, a few days ago we learned that Christian Bale, one of his protagonists, had to cut off his relationship with Chris Rock because he did not stop making him laugh. The turn of the “shooting war stories” it has been the turn of another of those great figures that appear in the film, margot robbie. The Australian actress has not taken the story to Bale’s personal level, but instead she has confessed that the director never said the final cutbeing a policewoman who officially ended the production.

‘Amsterdam’ (Century FOX)

In his interview with Jimmy Fallon, the two-time Oscar nominee joked by confessing that despite the fact that the film should reach US theaters on October 7 (it will arrive in Spain on the 28th), in reality the film is still in production. To the presenter’s surprise, Robbie finished explaining: “He (David O. Russell) never said ‘cut.’ David never said ‘cut’ in this movie. Technically, we never stopped.”

‘Amsterdam’ (21th Century Fox)

“You get a permit to shoot somewhere. We were in Pasadena and time ran out”, commented the main companion of Christian Bale and John David Washington in amsterdam. A situation that, it seems, was quite indifferent to the filmmaker and the team: “We were meant to pick up, but we wouldn’t. The producers were freaking out and David was still around and Christian (Bale) was still acting. The Pasadena police were literally on set saying, ‘Stop, they have to stop.’”

‘Amsterdam’ (20th Century Fox)

However, it was a policewoman who, when she yelled for her to get her things, ended the production despite the fact that O. Russell never said the word “cut off”. Speaking of the theme of the film, the actress defined amsterdam as a “epic comic thriller”.

As if the leading trio did not have enough weight, the cast of amsterdam is completed with Alessandro Nivola, Mike Myers, Rami Malek, Timothy Olyphant, Zoe Saldana, Anya Taylor-Joy, Michael Shannon, Robert De Niro, Matthias Schoenaerts and singer Taylor Swift. O. Russell has accustomed us throughout his filmography to showing great casts, but perhaps none is up to this latest proposal.

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