Margot Robbie confesses the “most humiliating” moment of her career

Margot Robbie is the actress of fashion. At 32, the Australian has had a very successful career, with the ‘Barbie’ movie being her most recent project. This film, which co-stars with Ryan Gosling and under the direction of Greta Gerwig, is scheduled to be released next July, although we already know several details thanks to many of the images of the filming days in Venice Beach that are circulating on the networks. social.

Some photographs that were very well received on platforms such as Instagram or Twitter where the Australian’s followers count the days to enjoy this new project. However, Margot Robbie is not as happy as they are. This was revealed in his latest interview on ‘The Tonight Show’, Jimmy Fallon’s successful show on American television. And it is that the filming of one of the scenes of ‘Barbie’ was the “most humiliating” moment of his career.

“I can’t tell you how mortified we were. It seems that in the photos we are laughing, having fun, but Ryan Gosling and I were dying inside. I was like: ‘this is the most humiliating moment of my life’. I was very embarrassed,” she confesses. “I knew we had some locations to shoot in Los Angeles, and I knew that when you’re doing locations you can get photographed. There will probably be a small crowd of people there who were going to notice our presence, we stood out a little because of these suits, ”continues the protagonist of ‘Suicide Squad’.

“We knew some photos would come out, but not how it happened. It was crazy. It was as if there were hundreds of people watching.”, Add. It should be remembered that for the ‘Barbie’ movie, Margot Robbie became one of the best paid in the film industry by pocketing more than 2.5 million dollars for this project.

her first sex scene

Recently, Margot Robbie has spoken about how she faced her first sex scene on the big screen. It happened in the movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ with Leonardo DiCaprio. “I had three shots of tequila and then I took my clothes off and did the scene, and I was fine. It helped that my hands weren’t shaking and it gave me a little confidence, ”she recalls of that moment.

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