Margot Robbie confesses to having lived in ‘Barbie’ the most humiliating moment of her career

LThe life of a successful actor or actress from the outside is seen in one way, because we only dedicate ourselves to valuing the final result From his job. However, the shootings treasure a large number of secrets that only they know, and that sometimes they dare to reveal in extra content or interviews.

This is precisely what Margot Robbie did last night on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’, where she talked about the filming of her next big movie, ‘Barbie’, leaving several anecdotes about what it has been like to play this character and to do it in addition to hand in hand. of another great of the interpretation, like Ryan Gosling.

A very funny interview in which we were able to find out what the moment has been for Robbie most embarrassing and humiliatinge of his career within a shoot.

The events, in addition, occurred in ‘Barbie’, that is, they are recent for the Australian.

The most humiliating scene for Margot Robbie in ‘Barbie’

The sequence in question was shot on the beach (cover image), in which Barbie and Ken skated together on the boardwalk. So far so good, but there was one detail that bothered Robbie brutally, and that is the large number of people who was watching the recording of the scene.

According to what she told Fallon, and despite being used to being a famous person, Robbie said that she had not felt so much shame in his life feeling so watched, especially because of the outfit they both wore.

Of course, a good outfit can change everything, for better or for worse.

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