Margot Robbie did not trust that ‘Barbie’ could be made: “They will never let us do it” | Film and Television

The film that is generating the most expectations of the year is already Barbie, and all thanks to its powerful first official trailer. The project of Greta Gerwig It continues to generate unknowns about its plot, although long before it was shot it already had another big unresolved question: know if it would be possible to make it a reality.

It is obvious that a live-action about the best-known doll on the planet can bring difficulties, especially in the tone in which you want to tell it. No significant details have been revealed in this regard —despite guessing something in its first advances—, but Margot Robbie has told what she felt the first time she approached the project.

As the Australian actress has commented for BAFTA, the moment she read the script was a whole combination of emotions that began with surprise and ended with some pity: “My reaction was, ‘ah! This is great. Too bad it won’t see the light of day.'” The cause, according to her, was because nobody was going to let them do it.

He has resisted answering any more questions about that mysterious script, but it is clear that part of it will be in risque gags, a plot that has a lot to do with the empowerment of the character and, perhaps, some surprise that no one ever expects to see in relation to the mythical doll.

the other reactions

It is precisely the protagonist of one of the most commented scenes of the trailer —that debate about “stick it to me” with ryan gosling—, simu liuanother of those who has spoken about what he thought was the first script reading. And it does not differ much from its colleague.

The protagonist of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings did not hesitate to call the project “madness”, something in which his agent went further and confessed that it was the best he had read. His opinion seems to have translated into his interpretation, although again not many more details of the plot have been revealed.

There are still a few months left until we see what the director of little women for what promises to be one of the films of the summer, but of course it has already managed to raise expectations to the highest. Will be Barbie at the height?

Barbie opens on July 21, 2023.

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