Margot Robbie has perfected her red carpet style after the actors’ strike

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 14: Margot Robbie attends the Los Angeles Premiere of MGM’s “Saltburn” at The Theater at Ace Hotel on November 14, 2023 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Fraser Harrison/Getty Images)

Can’t stop, won’t stop. Before Greta Gerwig’s Genius Press Tour barbie— a stunt of marketing triumph that will be studied in universities for a long time — netizens had only one question on their minds: What would Margot Robbie wear?

Her previous red carpet uniforms came courtesy of Chanel, but it was Vivienne Westwood and Schiaparelli’s excellent recreations of the doll’s most memorable and dazzling looks that proved most effective in translating the plastic prototype into a real girl’s story.

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 18: Margot Robbie attends a special screening and Q&A of Warner Bros. Pictures’ Barbie at the Linwood Dunn Theater at the Pickford Center for Motion Study on November 18, 2023 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Eric Charbonneau/Getty Images for Warner Bros.)

Then, along came the SAG-AFTRA strike, and the dramatic richness of putting your character’s traits into costumes was completely gone. Freedom from the bombardment of red carpet dressing was a tough 118 days. A period which was further enhanced by the release of tasteful films like Belowsuch as postponement of scheduled titles dune 2 And Challengers And there are no captivating red carpet moments to show for it.

In this time, it is clear that actors like Robbie were not just sitting idle. In fact, both stylists and celebrity style experts were doing their homework, and deciding what the next era of their careers would be from an aesthetic perspective. In Robbie’s case, this included a complete departure from everything we knew about her red carpet style.

Throughout his career, and in some of his biggest roles, Robbie’s style remained reserved. She is perfect for the role of an up-and-coming leading lady, looking up to the likes of Hollywood stalwarts. Her look was feminine, yet understated, filled with vintage silhouettes and Chanel motifs. Now, in the first week after the strike, Robbie has given five different takes on “character” dressing, solidifying her status as a fashionable ‘It’ girl in her own right.

Her first look comes courtesy of saltburn Premiere in Los Angeles – Thriller directed by Barry Keoghan and Jacob Elordi which he executive produced. With the film set in an English castle in 2006, Robbie could easily read the classist glamor that saturated the film. Rather, she gave Schiaparelli dresses a different take and embraced the worst styles of Y2K attire – ultra-baggy pants, exposed belly button rings and boudoir bodysuits.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 14: Margot Robbie attends the Los Angeles Premiere of MGM’s “Saltburn” at The Theater at Ace Hotel on November 14, 202.3 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Fraser Harrison/Getty Images)

However, this carefully crafted look marked the beginning of Robbie’s no-frills and carefree approach to public outings. A mode that culminated in her wearing Bottega Veneta’s leather-disguised-denim jeans during a recreation of the 2015 “Cherry Pie Picnic” Barbie doll for a special screening of the film.

Margot Robbie in the film Deadline Contenders: Los Angeles was held at the Directors Guild of America in Los Angeles, California on November 18, 202.3. (Photo by Gilbert Flores/Deadline via Getty Images)

Elsewhere, Robbie once again opted for the deep chocolate hue in another couture gown – notably for her appearance in a bandeau-style dress from Fendi’s Fall/Winter 2023 Haute Couture collection of variety “Power of Women” programme.

Margot Robbie at the Variety Power of Women Los Angeles presented by Mother Wolf at Lifetime on November 16, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty Images)

If anything, these seem to be a stark contrast to the diligently crafted and front-page-inducing sets Robbie has come out with in the past. Perhaps Robbie knows that no matter what he wears, his outfit will cause a press stir. The feeling that you have freed her up to be more generous and restrained in her wardrobe. Robbie has entered his carefree era of dressing; We hope it’s not just a good time, but will be here for a long time.

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