Margot Robbie is all the rage because her film Barbie is a dream come true

Each new photograph from the shooting of the movie ‘Barbie’ (2023) causes a furor in networks. The looks of its protagonist, margot robbiecharacterized as the mythical doll from MattelThey do not leave anyone indifferent. The first official photo was published Warner Bros last April 27 sharing it on his account Twitter. This social network exploded, turning the tweet viral in a matter of minutes.

And it is that in that first snapshot we see the Australian actress riding in the legendary pink Barbie car while looking at the camera and wearing a very eighties style: loose wavy hair, knit top with horizontal stripes, and a blue headband with white dots. She completed the movie ‘outfit’ with a bracelet of the same color, but in a darker tone.

In a feature film about Barbie Can’t miss Ken and who brings him to life on the big screen is neither more nor less than Ryan Gosling. If this pair of artists tried to go unnoticed, it has been impossible for them. On the beach and on skates, This is how Robbie and Gosling appeared during the filming of one of the project’s scenes. Both actors are shown together. While the interpreter of ‘Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)’ (2020) wears a bodysuit with a bright multicolored printthe canadian he accompanies her with a vest and pants of the same tone. In addition, they complete their respective outfits with the same garments: a visor of the same tone, along with some neon yellow knee, wrist and elbow pads matching the skates.

Likewise, we have also been able to see Robbie with the outfit par excellence of the iconic doll. Although some of the photos are not official (they have been leaked on the Internet), this doll turned into flesh and bone wears a very Californian look with bell bottoms in a fuchsia tone and a top of the same color.

Reactions to the looks of Margot Robbie as ‘Barbie’

Many Barbie fans have loved the actors’ outfit. And it is that the photos that are coming out They have gone viral in a matter of minutes.

“OMG! They recreated the outfit of the #Mattel doll from the 90s. Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling look great with the ‘outfit’. The movie promises,” wrote a Twitter user in reference to one of the outfits. .

Meanwhile, there are those who are more nostalgic and, Seeing the looks, they remember their childhood: “I had that Barbie with rollers. Oh, God, my childhood,” recalls @_luciacarrizo. “It is that they are nailing it with the ‘outfits’. My 80’s Barbies were just like that!“, assured in his account @Sandrita_Storm.

“I had to, she’s a bit old, but I still have her. (Can’t wait to see the next outfit!)

“Barbie looks better and better with each set photo.”

Reactions to the casting of Margot Robbie as Barbie

Another of the most recurrent comments refers to the choice of Robbie as the Barbie of flesh and blood, and the vast majority claim to be more than agrees and celebrates that she has been chosen.

“I hope they show Margot Robbie as the cool #Barbie,” says user @andrugeek in her tweet. For his part, Internet user @sebas_cazador considers that we all win when “Hollywood decided to replace Amy Schumer by Margot Robbie in the #Barbie movie”. There are also those who are more concise, like the tweeter @ T19Joa and, simply, they drop their opinion: “Margot Robbie as #Barbie nothing more…”

For her part, the actress spoke about her character in a press release published on Harper’s Bazaarin which he argued that Barbie “is someone who promotes confidence, curiosity and communication during childhood, and empower the kids to imagine themselves in aspirational roles, from princess to president”. In addition, he also claimed that he felt “very honored” for having been chosen and, at the same time, for being the producer of the film.

Who directs ‘Barbie’ and when is its release date

Greta Gerwig, one of the most interesting voices in contemporary cinema, is the one who has stepped behind the cameras to direct ‘Barbie’ (2023). Which means that a feature film with an outdated Barbie is not expected, since we only have to take a look at movies like ‘Ladybird’ (2017) or ‘little women’ (2019) to realize that their female characters do not fit the stereotypes, quite the contrary.

As for the premiereyou have to wait until July 21, 2023, moment in which ‘Barbie’ land on the screens of the United States. In the rest of the countries there is no confirmed date at the moment, since the day on which it will arrive in Spanish cinemas has not been announced. Until its launch, we will have to settle for seeing Margot Robbie’s ‘outfits’ on Twitter, which will surely create a trend.

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