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In the middle of an interview with the British newspaper ‘The Sunday Times’, Jerry Bruckheimerproducer of Pirates of the CaribbeanI confirm that Walt Disney Pictures is working on two script options for his next film.

In a first version, margot robbie, recognized for having played Harley Quinn in ‘Suicide Squad’, would get a leading role; meanwhile, the second has not yet contemplated anyone.

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However, Bruckheimer seems to be almost sure that the studio will produce the reboot with Margot Robbie, who had already been attached to the project in 2020.

While on the participation of Johnny Depp with his mythical role of Captain Jack Sparrow, he replied: “No, at this time. The future is yet to be decided“.

Generating mixed feelings in the fans of the saga who are divided between those who are anxiously waiting to see this new proposal on screen and who think that without Johnny the project shouldn’t continue.

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Despite this, the actor does not seem to want to return to record for disney“nor for 300 million“He said in the middle of the case that confronts him with his ex-wife, also actress Amber Heard, despite the fact that a petition raised more than 100 thousand signaturesearlier this year, to return to the series that already completes 5 films.

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