Margot Robbie mentions her particular style before fame: “I only listened to heavy metal, I dyed my hair black”

Margot Robbie, who years ago revealed her predilection for heavy metal and rock, has once again referred to her musical tastes and the way they were reflected in his past appearance.

“I wasn’t (a) full goth” as a teenager, I was “very emo”, he noted on The Graham Norton Show last night to promote the upcoming film Babylon, in which he co-stars opposite Brad Pitt, Tobey Mcguire, Samara Weaving and Olivia Wilde.

The interpreter added in this regard that “I only listened to heavy metal, I dyed my hair black and cut it with a blade. So yeah, a bit gothic”to which the also invited Cate Blanchett asked him if such a preference persists.

“I really liked it, and I still really like it”Robbie agreed and added that he will never forget when he attended a Slipknot concert at the time of his debut in his first series, “Neighbours”, where she was widely recognized by the public.

“I remember going to this Slipknot concert and it was the most recognized I’ve ever been to. I’ve never been approached by more people than at a Slipknot concert.”he noted, adding that “Slipknot fans were very invested in ‘Neighbours.

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