Margot Robbie still riding the London Underground

Margot Robbie credit: Bang Showbiz

Margot Robbie credit: Bang Showbiz

Margot Robbie may be one of the most popular and acclaimed stars in the Hollywood firmament, but every time she crosses the pond to return to the city of London, where she lived for almost a decade before moving to Los Angeles, the Australian interpreter opts for the public transport and, specifically, the subway to move throughout the great British city.

As if that weren’t enough, the interpreter has revealed that she always carries a couple of Oyster cards in her wallet, the iconic London underground wallet cards, despite the fact that these are no longer necessary to access the stations or travel around the city by bus. . It is rather a nice memory of those times when Margot enjoyed London with her now husband, Tom Ackerley, and her flatmates in a situation of relative anonymity.

“I always go by tube when I’m in the city. In fact, I have a couple of Oyster cards in my wallet right now,” the renowned actress boasted in conversation with the Daily Star newspaper, just before pointing out that she is looking forward to seeing firsthand the comforts of the recently launched Elizabeth line, named after the late Elizabeth II.

The protagonist of ‘Barbie’ currently resides in a large house of more than 300 square meters, on the outskirts of the Californian city, but ten years ago she did so in a four-bedroom apartment located in Clapham, one of the neighborhoods most popular, modern and youthful in South London. The artist has acknowledged that she is occasionally invaded by nostalgia for her when she thinks of some of her favorite places in the area, regardless of whether they were very welcoming or not. “We used to film a lot there and sometimes we would end up in ‘Infernos’. When you went during the day, the place smelled especially bad,” she has joked.

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