Margot Robbie wasn’t supposed to be Barbie, the role was meant for this top actress

The Barbie universe has taken an unexpected turn, and that’s where the iconic Mattel doll has been the center of attention in recent weeks due to its expected premiere. ‘Barbie’, the live action film that has become the great cinematographic event of the year. Thousands of fans thronged the theaters to watch it margot robbie Playing the famous doll on the big screen, but many are unaware that the Hollywood star was not the first choice for the role.

Before Margot Robbie became the ideal choice to play Barbie, there was another very top actress that the producers targeted to star in this dream production. it’s about the oscar winning actress Anne Hathaway, who were in intense talks with Sony in 2017 to bring the iconic doll to life. However, fate had other plans and the talks never reached a satisfactory conclusion for either side. And thing is, due to complications and delays in the project’s development, the original production company lost the rights to Barbie, and that’s when Warner Bros. took over the reins and decided to move forward with the film. Greta Gerwig was chosen as director, and Margot Robbie was chosen to play the iconic doll, leading Hathaway to drop out of the project.

Anne Hathaway

Amy Schumer, a brief and controversial choice

The surprises don’t end there, because before Margot Robbie and Anne Hathaway were considered as the protagonists of this film, there was another person from the entertainment industry who was going to put herself in Barbie’s shoes. Initially, charismatic comedian Amy Schumer was cast for the role, but her involvement ended due to creative differences with the producers. Although the reason for her departure was said to be due to scheduling conflicts, Amy later revealed the real reason behind her decision. “They definitely didn’t want to do it the way I wanted to do it, that’s the only way I was interested in doing it,” Amy explained to ‘The Hollywood Reporter’.

Amy Schumer

Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig: The perfect combination for a ‘Barbie’ movie

With the doors open after Hathaway and Schumer’s departure, Warner Bros. took over the reins of the project and finally found the right actress to bring Barbie to life on the big screen: margot robbie, The talented and versatile star not only plays the lead, but also co-produces the film, demonstrating her commitment to the project and her desire to make this version of Barbie something truly special.

Margot Robbie as Barbie

The Australian actress, best known for her stunning portrayal of Harley Quinn in the DC Comics universe, has managed to enthrall the audience with her beauty, charisma and acting talent. But for her, there was another actress she originally envisioned leading the world of Barbie: girl gadot, In an interview, Robbie described the ‘Wonder Woman’ star as the perfect embodiment of Barbie’s energy, But unfortunately, Gal was not available for the role. However, Margot is excited and honored to have been chosen to bring this iconic character to life on a worldwide broadcast.

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