Margot Robbie’s Extreme Harley Quinn Comments Prove She Needs to Return to the DCU 7 Years Ago


  • Margot Robbie has expressed her desire to continue playing Harley Quinn in the DCU, saying she is “not done” with the character yet.
  • Showing her dedication to the role, Robbie is willing to play the role of Harley Quinn for as long as physically possible.
  • Although there are currently no announced plans for Robbie to be Harley Quinn in the new DC Universe, her character’s connection to Amanda Waller makes her return a possibility.

Margot Robbie Has Already Proved Why She Needs to Come Back Harley Quinn Seven years earlier in James Gunn’s DC Universe. Robbie first played Harley Quinn in 2016 suicide squad Before leading some of the best DCEU movies birds of prey And suicide squad, With the revelation that the DCEU will be replaced by the upcoming DCU, some actors have been announced to survive the universe change, including Robbie’s co-stars Viola Davis, Amanda Waller, and others. This leaves the door open for Robbie to return as Harley Quinn, and the actress herself has explained in the past why she needs to be brought back for the DCU.

talking with Fandango‘S Eric Davis to promote suicide squadRobbie revealed how much she wanted to continue making Harley Quinn movies in the DCEU.

According to Robbie, at that time she did not play Harley Quinn at all suicide squad, which was proven true by his subsequent two DCEU films. However, here’s what the star had to say next about Robbie’s possible return as Harley Quinn in the new DC Universe. Robbie claimed that she will do whatever she can to remain as Harley, she wants to keep playing her character.Until (her) body gives up, and (she) can’t“See the full quote below:

Yeah, I haven’t finished playing him yet. I’ll do whatever I can to keep playing Harley for the next few years. Until my body gives in, and I can’t do it anymore.

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Margot Robbie’s DC Universe future as Harley Quinn is currently in doubt

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

There are currently no announced plans for Harley Quinn to return to Gunn’s DC Universe with Robbie or anyone else in the role. In fact, in April, Gunn had rumored the return of Robbie Harley Quinn. At the time, a rumor was spreading around that Robbie would be returning as Harley Quinn in the new DC Universe for a prequel series titled “Harley”. It was said that the focus of the show “How his need to save the Joker caused his mind to shatter” and feature Two-Face. Gunn denied there was any truth to the rumor.

While Robbie’s Harley Quinn currently has no scheduled projects to return to in the new DC Universe, that could change at any time. Davis’s Amanda Waller is deeply tied to Harley Quinn’s story in the DCEU, and the character will likely seek revenge against Harley and her team for disobeying her orders. suicide squad If the film’s plot continues in the DCU. Failing that, Waller’s ties to the DC supervillain world make him a natural person to reintroduce the character. Thus, any of these paths could easily lead to Robbie making her first TV series appearance as Harley Quinn in the DCU’s upcoming series. waller,

Why Margot Robbie should keep playing Harley Quinn in the DCU

suicide squad enhanced 2016 margot robbie harley quinn smiling

Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn was one of the few consistently good aspects of the controversial DCEU. She managed to shine even in a dull situation suicide squadWill fly again in 2021 suicide squad, which was directed by DCU creative chief Gunn, making Robbie’s return as Harley Quinn even more likely. The actress brings incredible energy to the role, Harley’s popularity has skyrocketed across all media thanks to her work, and based on Robbie’s previous comments, she would be ready to play Harley Quinn During Gunn’s 10-year DCU plan, making his return perfect.

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